Monday, January 4, 2010

Hye everyone.....

Today i got four classes non stop..very the tiring...
Start with Marketing, Kenegaraan Malaysia, Process Writing and lastly Networking..
Most of them talked about the assignment..hua...there are lots of assignments that i have to work out for this semester....mostly quite challenging..pitty me...what to's a student life right?...whatever it is i have to face it...there's still a long long journey to go for me to complete my degree here...strive hard ana!! Get good CGPA! Ameen..

Owh...there is something i wanna tell you is my first class of Process lecturer name is Suhada Abdul..em for me she's quite interesting to study with..but what make me feel like weird is im the only Malay girl in this class!!! the only!! OMG...the rest of my classmates are chinese students...and i think there is one arabic guy...his name is Khalifah Omar..awesome name...owh im still i in the right class?what im going to do??did i chose the wrong group before?haha..thinking positive ana!! insyaAllah you can do it!! i'll try my best in this subject..yeah...get a good grade!! A++..

I think that's all for today....chapter one marketing still waiting for me to finish up tonight..this is because my lecturer has cover this topic today and i have to revise it back to keep me understand wish me luck!..till then bye2..

Friday, January 1, 2010

My first post...

It's new year....2010!!!
Welcome everybody...
Lets open to a new book!

I hope 2010 is gonna be way better!

After being a silent reader..
I think it's a right time for me to get involved into this space..
A new year a new beginning right?
So wish me all the best!!

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